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To connect to's irc server:

  1. Change the default nickname from (ChangeMe)
    to one of your own custom IRC Nick name.
  2. Click on the (Connect) button.

    Two windows shall open automatically
    as the chat room loads.
  • If for some reason this java client does not show up it means you do not have a java VM installed or running. You can download a free java VM here.
  • Also note that the text in the applet boxes might be invisible. This is because your Message Box font color in windows is set to "white".
  • This Java Client is ment as a introductory source for IRC. If you wish to spend more time on our IRC network please connect to us directly with irc client programs such as mIRC, iirc, bitchx etc..

    Our IRC network includes the following linked servers:
  • ****
  • ****
  • ****
  • ****

    See you there, and enjoy!

    If you have any troubles or whatever please contact:

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